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University of Tokyo, Japan

The University of Tokyo is one of Japan’s most prestigious universities. It agreed in 2009 on a strategic partnership with the ENS de Lyon that has since thrived as part of the multilateral collaborations championed by the Alliance internationale de l’Université de Lyon.


A framework agreement between our institutions started in 2009 and was renewed in 2014. It hinges on dedicated conventions signed with various faculties (including the Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences, the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, and the School of Human and Social Sciences), and makes for a partnership under constant development.


Our cooperation encompasses exact sciences, human and social sciences, and education. It includes research and training activities in the following fields:
  • Mathematics: bilateral conference in Tokyo in 2013, in Lyon in 2015.
  • Urban studies: cooperation between the laboratory EVS UMR 5600 and the Todai Institute of Industrial Science, and cooperation with the UdL’s lab of excellence IMU (“Intelligence of Urban Worlds”).
  • Bioscience: International Alliance Research Internship program with the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences (GSFS).
  • Human and social sciences:
    • Asian studies: student exchanges (Master ASIOC, etc.)
    • Philosophy and Arts: research projects, summer school

These collaborations include:
  • Hosting of visiting professors
  • Joint research projects
  • Student mobility

Todai Forum

In 2011, the ENS de Lyon suggested bringing over to Lyon the Todai Forum, which aims to promote the scientific development of the University of Tokyo. The University of Lyon, together with the Grand Lyon urban community, had the privilege of hosting this forum.


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