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By supporting the ENS de Lyon's core principles and helping us train smart citizens willing to drive change, you work with us for the advancement and the dissemination of knowledge to the largest possible audience and a better understanding of our contemporary societies.

Our core principles:
  • trusting knowledge and youth
  • fostering audacity and reactivity
  • encouraging team work
  • defending the public interest

Why make a donation ?

Patronage of our school is a win-win partnership whereby:
  • YOU benefit from our reputation and become a valuable community player.
  • WE can allocate funds to innovative and humanistic projects.

Which projects will you support ?

Objective 1:
Increasing our fields of research

You can help us develop the Institute of Functional Genomics of Lyon:
  • An interdisciplinary laboratory at the junction between evolutionary science, life and health sciences, with a key focus on mankind
  • 13 research teams, bringing together biologists, evolutionists, geneticists and doctors, generating fundamental and novel scientific findings and paving the way to advanced applications for the health and well-being of humanity.

Objective 2:
Raising our global standing

Join the JoRISS Club, founded by the ENS de Lyon and East China Normal University (ECNU), in association with the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS):
  • an interdisciplinary platform for the incubation and development of joint Chinese-French research projects on topics with a strong societal impact
  • training opportunities for Chinese doctoral students in the ENS de Lyon’s laboratories.

Over the past 10 years, JoRISS has meant:
  • More than 700 hours of training at ECNU dispensed by ENS de Lyon academics
  • 37 Chinese students pursuing a PhD under joint ENS-ECNU supervision
  • 18 theses defended at the ENS de Lyon

Objective 3:
Bringing the most value out of research and finding the best applications for it

Support the Timbuktu Manuscripts project

Protecting these manuscripts appears all the more urgent in the light of Mali’s political context. This World Heritage is a very rich but still under-exploited material, as there are only a few specialists on the topic worldwide.

One of them is a researcher at the ENS de Lyon. For the past 4 years, he has been deciphering the manuscripts and shining a new light on the foundations of Africa and Islam - findings that will be scrutinized by researchers around the world. He has also set up a Malian team of editors to ensure this precious knowledge is not lost.
  • 15,500 manuscripts identified in Timbuktu
  • Just 1% of them been translated so far.

Thank you for choosing to give to our school.

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