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The students of the ENS de Lyon are recruited by competitive examination or selected on the basis of their academic profiles for study within the French "LMD" framework (Bachelor's, Master's, Doctorate).
The ENS de Lyon also awards Master's degrees and doctorates jointly with other universities, prepares candidates for the agrégation teaching qualification and awards the HDR doctoral studies supervision accreditation.
Tailored training for free minds
Students who join the ENS de Lyon can take courses in nearly every subject area. They are actively encouraged to develop a wide range of skills and build their own and unique curriculum. They receive tutoring and gather professional experience through internships in France and abroad, within companies or public institutions (CEA, museums, etc.).

The diversified study offer a large range of career opportunities. From research, education, civil service to other private sectors such as industry, health, environment, energy, finance, media, publishing.
Training for research through research
The ENS de Lyon's teaching departments work hand in hand with the school's research laboratories. Students' initiation to research includes tutoring, participation in scientific seminars, and summer schools as well as periods of immersion in laboratory life. 
Junior laboratories enable second-year Master's or doctoral students to create their own research lab for a two-year period.

Continuing education
Vocational training courses are available all year long. These courses can be funded by employers. Please note that all these courses are currently delivered in French.[Read more]

Courses in English

At the ENS de Lyon, many Master's level courses are taught in English.
[Read more]

French as a foreign language

Joint Diplomas

Why study at ENS Lyon?

Top-flight research and academics, rich student life… Discover why students from around the world study at the ENS de Lyon as well as the testimony of Sara Watson and Megan Hughes, two former students.

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