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Student: pratical information to prepare your stay

Here are some information and advice to best prepare your stay at the ENS de Lyon.

About Health Insurance

  • If you are an EU student, you must obtain the European Health Insurance Card from your Social Security office or provide detailed proof of private health insurance coverage (translated into French or English) and valid for the duration of your stay in France.
  • If you are a non-EU student, you will need to obtain health insurance coverage when you are enrolling at the ENS (compulsory and free).

Welcome Days

At the begining of each semester

1st semester: The ENS International Office receives students on the last week of August. You will receive an email with more details after admission.

  • In order to obtain your keys, please arrange to come on the dates mentioned above between 9am -12 noon and 1pm- 4pm.
  • It is important to arrive at those dates because the first weeks of September are busy : administrative enrollment, welcome in the Faculty, French test, Students association presentation, etc.
    You will have the program at your arrival.

Documents needed for enrolment and the residence permit

Please bring those documents, so as to simplify administrative procedures on your arrival.

Visa et residence permit

For the residence permit, you will have an appointment with International Office.

Visa: dispositions regarding long-stay visas
A special procedure applies since June 1, 2009 for foreigners with a long-stay visa (over 90 days and less than a year).
If granted this visa serves as a residence permit.
More detailed information will be given by the French embassy when applying for a visa.

Before your departure
The Etudiant visa and the Etudiant-Stagiaire visa for internship students

  • Long-stay Visa (Visa D) mentioning étudiant
    It must be obtained prior to arrival, in order to pursue studies in France and to be eligible to apply for the residence permit or titre de séjour Étudiant on arrival.
  • Long-stay Visa mentioning étudiant stagiaire
    It must be obtained prior to arrival, in order to pursue an internship at the ENS and to be eligible to apply for the residence permit or titre de séjour Étudiant Stagiaire on arrival.

Students of the European Union and the following countries do not need a long-stay visa: Switzerland, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, Andorra, Monaco,The Republic of San Marino, The Vatican City.

  • Application at the consulates or embassies of France in your home country at least 3 months before departure
  • Documents required (subject to change - check with the French Embassy):
    • a valid passport
    • proof of residence in France for the duration of your stay (electricity bill, House deed)
    • proof of financial resources of at least about €615 per month
    • proof of enrollment at the ENS for the étudiant visa or the internship agreement for the étudiant stagiaire visa

On arrival
Long-stay visa which also serves as a residence permit

Within 3 months of your arrival in France, please register with the OFII (Office Français de l'Immigration et de l'Insertion - French Office for immigration and integration of immigrants)
  1. Send the following documents by registered post acknowledgement due to your local branch of the OFII La direction territoriale de l'OFII
    (OFII - 7 rue Quivogne - 69286 LYON CEDEX 02):
    • The OFII form stamped by the French consulate post issuing the visa, after completion of the details regarding the visa number, entry date into France or the Schengen Area and your address in France.
    • A copy of the pages in your passport showing the information regarding your identity and the entry stamp showing the date of your arrival in France or in the Schengen Area.
  2. The OFII will send you an acknowledgement by ordinary post that they have received your file. You will then receive an official notification to undergo a mandatory medical examination (if necessary), pay mandatory residence taxes due and a stamp will be affixed on your passport certifying that you completed all necessary formalities.
    Bring the following documents:
    • Your passport
    • Proof of residence in the Rhône département (a certificate of lodging if you have accomodation at the ENS Lyon, or else, a telephone, gas or electricity bill)
    • an identity photo, full face and bareheaded
    • if necessary, a certificate of a medical checkup in your home country
    • a 60€ ANAEM or OMI stamp

Please note: This agreement does not apply to students of Algerian nationality. They are required to obtain a residence card.

More information
Website of the Ministery of Foreign and European Affairs

School calendar

We advise you not to take your return  ticket before getting your exams dates, which you will be informed of in September.

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