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Socioeconomic correlations and stratification in social-communication networks

LIP/IXXI/Inria publication in the Journal of the Royal Society

Published on : January 16, 2017
Pyramid of Capitalist system

The uneven distribution of wealth and status homophily arguably lead to stratification in society where people of similar socioeconomic status are better connected among themselves than with others of different status.

We empirically verify this hypothesis by analysing a combined dataset simultaneously collecting the social network and economic capacities of millions of individuals.

We show that wealth and debt are unevenly distributed among people, who are connected in a strongly stratified social structure with assortative socioeconomic correlations and tightly connected "rich-clubs”.

We find egos from the same class to live closer to each other but commute further if wealthier.

References: Socioeconomic correlations and stratification in social-communication networks, Yannick Leo, Eric Fleury, J. Ignacio Alvarez-Hamelin, Carlos Sarraute, Márton Karsai, Journal of the Royal Society Interface, December 14, 2016.DOI: 10.1098/rsif.2016.0598

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