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Public engagement

As a public institution and a reference in higher education, the ENS de Lyon strives to to reach out to the general public and to disseminate knowledge across society.

Cultural and scientific events

Each year, the school hosts some 300 scientific and cultural events that are open to all.

Science Festival

The Science Festival is an annual extravaganza of free workshops and conferences to initiate the public to the fun and complexities of science.

Rendez-vous aux jardins

Rendez-vous aux jardins invites everyone to stop and smell the roses by strolling across the ENS de Lyon's vast and lush garden.
The ENS de Lyon is also a partner to many other major events:


Each year, the Université de Lyon Foundation and the ENS de Lyon host a new edition of the "Economy Days" (Jéco).

Biennale de Lyon

La Biennale de Lyon devises, produces and stages 2 major international events: the Dance Biennale and the Biennale of Contemporary Art.

Villa Gillet

Founded in 1987, the Villa Gillet welcomes writers, artists and scholars from around the world to ponder contemporary issues. It also makes the work of inspiring contemporary thinkers accessible to the widest audience possible through events and festivals.

Making science and society meet

The Science Shop of Lyon - Saint-Étienne serves to bring together researchers and civil society, through joint research projects seeking to answer questions raised by community-based associations. Its two main areas of focus are "Sustainable Development Science and Engineering" and "Global Health and Society".

The House of math and computer science aims to promote these hard sciences to the general public by organizing free workshops, conferences and exhibitions, and offering logistical support to clubs and associations that share their knowledge across society. 

Musée des Confluences

Musée des confluences
The ENS de Lyon has been a key partner of the Musée des Confluences project long before the museum was inaugurated in 2014, exchanging knowledge and cooperating in the field of research, education, cultural mediation, and publishing and digital projects. [Read more]

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