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Existing start-ups at ENS de Lyon

The incubator currently hosts the following start-ups working across very different fields: biotechnologies, computer science, chemistry, medical technology and geography.
More start-up projects are underway.


Founded in 2012

Purpose: preventing and treating male infertility.
Kallistem has based its work on the research of two internationally acclaimed specialists in reproductive biology and more specifically in vitro spermatogenesis.


Founded in 2014

Purpose: to transform programmable integrated circuits into supercomputers, which are now essential in various fields, from finance to weather forecasts and the prevention of seismic risks.


Founded in 2013

Purpose: the development, manufacturing and commercialization of innovative colloidal solutions consisting in nanoparticles in suspension in liquids.
Products: colloidal radiopacifiers to be used in biomedical materials such as dental or orthopaedic composites. Mixed with Mathym's colloidal solutions, the latter acquire radio-opacity quality and then become X-ray visible.

Eydo Pharma

Eydo Pharma joined the ENS de Lyon in 2015 to finalize the development of a new antibiotic from natural ingredients.

Purpose: to provide effective, innovative therapies to combat infections caused by resistant bacteria.


Founded in 2014

Provider of technical services in environmental sciences: environmental studies using expert know-how and innovative skills to collect, analyse and exploit data.

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