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LabEx, EquipEx and Technological Research Institutes

LabEx: Laboratories of excellence

ENS is a major key player in the Université de Lyon’s excellence program thanks to the quality of its research and training and its desire to develop innovation and interdisciplinary cooperation. The high scientific potential of the research teams working at the ENS de Lyon have been recognized in nearly all disciplines of exact sciences as well as human and social sciences.
The 11 LABEX project prize winners in two project proposals for future investments, from either the research units of the ENS or having been developed according to their demanding criteria, are the following:
  • COMOD: Constitution of the Modern world: reason, politics, religion
  • ECOFECT: Eco-evolutive dynamics in infectious diseases
  • IMU: Intelligence of Urban Worlds
  • IMUST: Institute of Sciences and Multiscale Technologies: from Physics to Fundamental Chemistry to the Engineering of Materials, procedures and Eco technologies
  • LIO: Institute of the Origins of Lyon
  • MILYON: Community of Mathematics and Fundamental Computer Studies of Lyon
  • PRIMES: Physics, Radiobiology, Medical Imagery and Simulation
  • RFIEA+: French network of Plus advanced studies institutes
  • ASLAN: Advanced studies of the complexity of language
  • CORTEX: Construction, Cognitive Function and Rehabilitation of the Brain
  • DRIIHM: Interdisciplinary research program on the Interactions of Humanity and the environment

EquipEx: Excellent Equipment

The ENS has given itself the objective of developing synergies between the research teams of the Université de Lyon by contributing to the development of 7 EQUIPEX prize winning projects supported by UDL or its network. This innovative and structural equipment for the scientific community will contribute to the development of knowledge thanks to high-performance tools to boost the research potential of platforms and research teams.
The 7 LABEX projects selected in the framework of the two waves of future investment and in which the ENS de Lyon research teams have used their skills and know-how are the following:
  • PHENOCAN: Phenotyping for cancer
  • SENS: RMN of the Exalted Surface by Dynamic Nuclear Polarisation
  • BIBLISSIMA: Bibliotheca bibliothecarum novissima: an observatory of the written heritage of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance (Arabic, French, Greek, Hebrew, Latin)
  • EQUIP@MESO: Excellent Equipment in the intensive calculation to the Coordinated Mesocenters– Springboard towards the petaflopic calculation and the Exascale
  • FIT: Internet of the Future (Objects)
  • IVTV: Engineering and aging of live tissues
  • PHARE: Rotating machines platform for the management of Environmental risks
  • Biotechnologies-Bio resources:
  • GENIUS: Cellular Engineering, improvement and technological innovation for plants from sustainable agriculture
  • AMAIZING: Developing new varieties of corn for sustainable agriculture

Technological Research Institutes

Two research teams from the ENS de Lyon have been closely associated with the development of the IRT LYONBIOTECH winning project constituted as a foundation for IRT BioASTER scientific cooperation.

Topic: microbiology, infectiology and infectious diseases

Project leader: Lyonbiopole

ENS de Lyon teams involved:
  • Institute of Functional Genomics of Lyon IGFL UMR 5242
  • Human Virology Unit UMR S 758

Subject: Lyon Biotech aims to provide skills, services and high level technology for global integrated and customized care for pathologies of infectious origin.

Bringing together industrial leaders in the sector, around fifty small and medium-sized companies and top academic key players in the fields of infectious disease, human and animal microbiology, this new technological research operator (with the legal status of a scientific cooperation Foundation with a simplified joint stock company subsidiary) will support the international position of France with 5 high level platforms and 3 structuring R&D programs on new therapies and vaccines, real-time diagnosis and microbiota.

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