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Innovate with our researchers

The ENS de Lyon boasts several research laboratories bringing together all disciplines except medicine and law, guaranteeing:
  • interdisciplinarity
  • strong innovation potential
  • with the backing of a top-flight school and internationally recognised researchers.

Contracts and research partnerships

The ENS de Lyon can provide you with cutting-edge expertise and help you set up research programmes tailored to your needs.

The school collaborates with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and larger companies to help them develop products and services by opening new technological frontiers and new perspectives in innovation.

  • Your business is looking for an expert? We can help:
    • connect you with researchers in the field you are interested in
    • set up a partnership-based research programme.
  • If you are already in touch with an ENS de Lyon researcher, things are even simpler:
    • we help you formalise the contractual terms of your research partnership: cost assessment, IP clauses, deliverables and deadlines.
    • we suggest a contract that fits your needs as well as our researcher's objectives.
  • Our guarantees:
    • simpler contracts for swifter administrative processes
    • a single intermediary who negotiates and signs on behalf of our different laboratories, for more efficiency

Some prime examples of our collaborations and expertise areas:


Beyond what they bring to our researchers and our school, licences are an opportunity to transfer knowledge and technology to society, to support the launch of a startup and put the spotlight on an invention that can be used by other firms.

When negotiating licences, the ENS de Lyon works with technology transfer companies such as Pulsalys, Fist, Inserm Transfert, Inra Transfert and Inria.

Areas of focus include:

  • patent registrations for specific technologies used by businesses, typically as a result of a collaboration
    Ex: Solvay, Thales, bioMérieux, L'Oréal
  • development of patent-protected technologies for start-ups within our own incubator
    Ex: Kallistem
  • registration of software that can be a starting point towards new applications and services for society
    Ex: Cosmo company, Diet

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Innovation and Technology transfer

Facts & figures

200 research contracts (not including material transfer agreements and confidentiality agreements) including 140 collaboration agreements and 40 research service contracts

A portfolio of 65 patents, about 40 softwares and codes, 20 licences or transfers

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