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IFÉ Expertise

The French Institute of Education (IFÉ) provides research-based expertise to help teachers and educational communities rethink their approaches and methods.
  • Consulting for projects initiated by the French government
    Ex: education reform
  • Conducting research or projects supported by the ministry
    Ex: between 2013 and 2015, IFÉ initiated a study on "the influence of reading and writing teaching methods on the quality of early learning experiences" that was the first of its kind in France by its size, duration and the volume of data collected.

Areas of expertise

Training engineering
Designing and organizing, together with the researchers and lecturers of IFÉ, trainings for trainers and other educators in the public and private sectors.

Monitoring and analysis
Following the latest scientific and pedagogical news in the field of education to produce and disseminate consolidated resources and monthly analyses, including comparative analyses.


Leading an international debate and generating scientific knowledge on the work and training of teachers, under the theme theme "Training teachers for the 21st century". The Chair (created in 2012) works with international laboratories in Niger, Belgium, Algeria and Canada, among others.

Using collective expertise, consolidating a common set of knowledge and skills and producing pedagogical resources, notably for skills assessments.

Priority education

Together with the Alain Savary Center, offering a set of pedagogical resources, tools and trainings to support educators in difficult environments. 

Helping young teachers
Training young teachers and helping them improve their practice via NéoPass@ction, an online training platform based on the observation and analysis of real teaching situations. 


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