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Lieux d’éducation associés (LéA)

Associated educational places
The French Institute of Education has set up a network of "LéA" (lieux d’éducation associés), or "associated educational places". Since 2011, these bring together researchers and players in the field of education around what serves as a real-life laboratory of educational methods. For a place to be chosen as a LéA, it needs:
  • an educational challenge and questions raised by staff and management
  • the involvement of a research team from the Institute
  • agreement over a long-term project designed to meet that challenge

Graines d’explorateurs

Graines d’explorateurs takes pupils and their teachers out for guided nature walks to explain biodiversity, the environment, etc.

Robots in schools

The French Institute of Education is experimenting the use of 6 telepresence robots in 3 high schools: these robots enable absent pupils to continue to follow what is going on in class. 
A first evaluation has shown a significant satisfaction rate from both teachers and pupils/users, as it preserves the pupil's contact with the classroom and the curriculum. A new experiment is due to be carried out in a hospital in Grenoble.

More generally, the use of telepresence robots, companion robots or support robots appears to be a promising trend in education, whether for training, team work or meetings.
The French Institute of Education has now its first own telepresence robot made by Awabot.

Connected devices to learn math?

OCINAEEThe OCINAÉÉ project has developed a new educational game designed for elementary school pupils and based on the manipulation of objects (dice, cards, board games) connected to digital tablets via a smart little robot named Albert.


Facts & figures

LéA in figures (2015):
35 members
189 scientific publications
80 communications and professional publications
57 educational resources

Ocinaéé in figures:
26 months' duration (November 2014 - December 2016)
38 classes, from 1st to 6th grade
33 teachers
Total cost: €1.46 million including €830,000 funded by the public investment bank BPI France

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