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Dynamo Enhancement and Mode Selection Triggered by High Magnetic Permeability

Publication in Physical Review Letters

Published on : December 13, 2017

Works of the ENS de Lyon's physics lab

Figure 4 of the publication
Picture: (a) Hz, (b) Hr, (c) Hϕ isoamplitude contours (red, positive value; blue, opposite negative value), and (d) magnetic streamlines colored by the Hϕ value. Re=1500, Rm=500, and μr=14.


We present results from consistent dynamo simulations, where the electrically conducting and incompressible flow inside a cylinder vessel is forced by moving impellers numerically implemented by a penalization method. The numerical scheme models jumps of magnetic permeability for the solid impellers, resembling various configurations tested experimentally in the von Kármán sodium experiment. The most striking experimental observations are reproduced in our set of simulations. In particular, we report on the existence of a time-averaged axisymmetric dynamo mode, self-consistently generated when the magnetic permeability of the impellers exceeds a threshold. We describe a possible scenario involving both the turbulent flow in the vicinity of the impellers and the high magnetic permeability of the impellers.

References: S.Kreuzahler, Y.Ponty, N.Plihon, H.Homann and R.Grauer, Dynamo enhancement and mode selection triggered by high magnetic permeability, Physical Review Letters, 119, 234501, 6 décembre 2017

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