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Doctoral studies

  • 3 years (derogations subject to approval) of research work and specific training in the form of tuition or participation in seminars
  • Careers in academia, public administrations, international organizations, consultancies and other businesses

Doctoral contracts

A doctoral contrat is a 3-year employment contract under which an institution selects and hires a student to undertake doctoral studies. There are no conditions in terms of age or nationality.

Doctoral schools

The ENS de Lyon is associated to 10 of the 17 doctoral schools of the Université de Lyon
supervise and instruct aspiring doctors until the final submission of the doctoral thesis.
Selection criteria: holding a Master's degree, scientific excellence, motivation and merit.

Professional integration courses

Doctoral training for all PhD students enrolled in any one of the doctoral schools to help their professional integration:
  • field-specific, scientific courses validated by or carried out within the doctoral schools
  • 50 professional-integration modules (catalogue in French): developing the entrepreneurial spirit, scientific communication, project management, teamwork, English/French courses, etc.

Pursuing a PhD exclusively at the ENS de Lyon

PhD students enrolled at the ENS de Lyon carry out their research in one of the school's laboratories and are each supervised by a director (affiliated with a doctoral school) on behalf of the Université de Lyon.

PhD students are expected to attend a certain number of seminars and conferences at their doctoral school as well as other courses offered by the Université de Lyon.

Pursuing an international joint PhD (Double Degree)

The doctoral student is simultaneously enrolled at both the ENS de Lyon and an institution abroad, spends time at both institutions throughout his/her studies and pays tuition fees alternately.
  • Doctoral thesis supervised by a director at the ENS de Lyon and a director from a foreign institution
  • A single defence of the final doctoral thesis
  • Title of "Docteur de l’Université de Lyon" and an equivalent foreign doctorate

Pursuing a jointly supervised PhD

When an International Joint Doctorate (Double degree) is not an option, a doctoral student can still apply for an International Joint Supervision of his/her doctoral thesis. The home institution can be either the ENS de Lyon or a foreign institution.

If the student is enrolled in an institution abroad:
  • Supervision by a director from the student's home institution and a co-director from a laboratory of the ENS de Lyon
  • No more than six months at the ENS de Lyon for research purpose
  • Tuition fees paid to the home institution 
  • Defence of the final doctoral thesis at the home institution
  • Doctoral degree of the home institution only

If the student is enrolled at the ENS de Lyon:
  • Supervision by a director from a laboratory of the ENS de Lyon and a co-director from a foreign institution 
  • Tuition fees paid to the ENS de Lyon 
  • Defence of the final doctoral thesis at the ENS de Lyon
  • Title of "Docteur de l’Université de Lyon"

A specific program for ECNU students

PROSFER (Programme of Sino-French Education for Research) is a joint graduate school established in 2002 between East China Normal University (ECNU) and the ENS Group in France. [More information]


Doctoral students can provide expertise to help companies in their projects.

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Doctoral schools:
ED 340 BMIC (Cellular and integrative Molecular Biology)
ED 34 Lyon Materials
ED 206 Lyon Chemistry
ED 512 InfoMaths (Computing and Mathematics)
ED 52 PHAST (Physics and Astrophysics)
ED 483 ScSo (History, Geography, Town Planning, Urbanism, Archaeology, Political science, sociology, Anthropology)
ED 484 3LA (Letters, Languages, Linguistics, Art)
ED 485 EPIC (Sciences of Education, Psychology, Information and Communication)
ED 486 SEG (Economics and Management Sciences)
ED 487 PHCR (Philosophy, Representation, Creation)

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