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The ENS de Lyon can accommodate some 700 students in its halls of residence, each of them having a watchman.
Priority access for international students.
Different types of accommodation: bedrooms, 3, 4 or 5 rooms apartments, with rent ranging from about €200 to €450.The campus also features 2 student restaurants managed by the CROUS, one on each site.

Résidence Bonnamour
Descartes campus

Single and double rooms (7 doubles) arranged into modules of 3, 4 or 5 rooms. Each module has a shared entrance, kitchen and lounge. The rooms are mostly single (approximately 16 m²).
  • private washroom with hand basin, shower, bathroom cabinet and toilet
  • furniture: a single or double bed, a bedside table, a cupboard, a desk and an armchair.

Each room has unlimited cable access to the internet and the ENS intranet as well as 36 television channels of which 27 are in foreign languages. With the appropriate decoder, residents also have access to satellite services from around the world. Residents have around the clock free access to the television room, music room, weights room and laundry rooms.

Résidence Bonnamour

Résidence Debourg
Monod campus

Students are mostly accommodated in double rooms with shared kitchens.
  • Washing facilities: 2 laundries equipped with washing and drying machines can be found on the ground floor. Payment is effected using a micro-chip system.
  • Cleaning: Residents are responsible for the upkeep and cleaning of their own rooms. Vacuum cleaners and brooms are available for this purpose.
  • Connection to the computer network: All rooms have an RJ45 wall socket. Access to computer resources is activated upon enrolment at the ENS de Lyon through the provision of a personal access code and password. The connection to a personal computer is established using a straight RJ45 cable (not provided).
Telephones are available in the rooms for receiving internal and external calls only. External calls may be made using pre-paid cards which use numbers beginning 0 0800.

Résidence Debourg - outside

ENS de Lyon
15 parvis René Descartes - BP 7000
69342 Lyon Cedex 07 - FRANCE
Descartes Campus : +33 (0) 4 37 37 60 00
Monod Campus : +33 (0) 4 72 72 80 00

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